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Somatropin is an injectable medicine that helps your body increase its own production of human growth hormone.


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SomatropinSomatropin (also known as human growth hormone, or HGH) is a hormone produced primarily by the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. Fulfilling important roles in childhood growth and adulthood bone strength, HGH also may help reduce excess fat. However, like other hormones (such as testosterone), only small amounts are released into the bloodstream, and levels can get out of balance due to aging, diet, exercise habits, health conditions, medications – even stress. That’s why HGH supplementation has become so popular among athletes subjecting their bodies to major physical abuse while

Functions of Somatropin in the Body

Somatropin is also used to treat children with growth disorders due to congenital defects or premature birth. Somatropin improves the physical appearance of children with Turner syndrome, a disorder of sex development in females, and short stature associated with chronic renal insufficiency, Noonan syndrome, chronic idiopathic short stature, Prader–Willi syndrome as well as growth failure as a result of chronic systemic disease. The functions of somatropin are to stimulate bone growth, muscle growth, cell replacement, cell regeneration, amino acid uptake, protein synthesis.

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