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Turinover 10mg is a feminizing hormone used in hormone replacement therapy to treat hypogonadism in women.

It helps patients develop the secondary sex characteristics of the right gender: more body and facial hair and higher voice pitch, for instance. The drug is also used to treat erectile dysfunction in both men and women.


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Buy Turinover online. Turinover is a steroid drug, which has a powerful derivative of methandienone – chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. It is a steroid of oral administration, very popular among a wide range of athletes. The main effect of the drug is expressed in increasing the strength, increasing the speed and endurance of the athlete, increasing the dry and hard muscle mass. Buy Turinover online

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How to use

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The dosage of the drug for men is usually 20 to 60 mg per day. The size of the individual dose depends on the weight of the athlete. The drug is taken at a rate of 0.4 mg per kilogram of weight. The course of taking Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) lasts an average of 6 weeks. A longer duration is not desirable because of the negative effect of the drug on the liver. Buy Turinover online
Possible reception of such a steroid and female athletes, but in doses not more than 5-15 mg per day. Although the drug has a reduced androgenic activity, women should apply it carefully. When the first signs of side effects appear, the drug should be discontinued.

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The daily dose, as a rule, is consumed once a day in the morning hours, or divided into two doses. With proper use, this anabolic makes it possible to gain up to 8 kg of very dense, high-quality muscle mass. His sport can be taken alone or in combination with other steroids.
Turinover Reception Turinover solo is weak, but if you do not have experience in taking steroids, its effect will be more than enough. For experienced athletes who have clear goals and are well aware of their body, a comprehensive intake of drugs is possible.

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Perhaps, you will not think up better reviews than the results of the Olympians. Many Soviet and East German athletes with the help of this particular substance have achieved their amazing results. Having experienced experience in taking anabolic steroids, athletes share it with their personal impressions and results. Turinover
Modern reviews of Turinover only confirm its good reputation.

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The increase in strength and speed after the first weeks of taking the drug reaches 10-15%. This means that the athlete becomes available new weights and horizons.
Reviews of Turinover from Vermoja in the context of the drying effect are also pleasing. Taking the drug allows you not to use additional fat burners. Also, numerous statements in the network confirm his safety. Very rarely there is a negative effect on the athlete’s body or individual intolerance of the active substance.

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A high anabolic index and the effectiveness of the drug allows athletes to leave only positive opinions about it. With the help of it you can be guaranteed to increase strength and endurance, as well as gain quality musculature. Naturally, while observing the regime of intensive training and sports diet. Buy Turinover online


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